Porter Davis QA

DAKAR_CDGW_HERO_9242BSS carries out independent quality inspections for a number of house building companies, under the umbrella of Porter Davis. This assists the objective of their Quality Assurance Program, which is to maintain an already high standard of construction and to constantly improve upon this.

BSS is independent, expert and intent on providing a consistent inspection quality through training, report monitoring and listening to and responding to client feedback. It is committed to working with Porter Davis to address quality issues and maintain standards.


Porter Davis is a multi-award winning builder with a strong commitment to maintaining and improving quality in their homes – BSS is proud to be associated with this objective.

Porter Davis is committed to rectification of matters noted in BSS reports as part of their Quality Assurance Program.

Details of BSS Inspections and Reporting for Porter Davis:
BSS typically inspects (excluding in-roof areas) all Porter Davis homes at three stages :
• Preplaster
• Prepaint
• Completion

014 •Preplaster Stage – the house is ready for plaster linings and BSS inspect:

• the frame, primarily for straightness, plumb and level
• quality of window and door frame installation
• other critical aspects such as shower recess framing and slab finish

Prepaint Stage – the house is ready for painting and BSS inspect:

• plastering to walls and ceilings, including wet areas
• slab finish
• doors and windows
• interior carpentry (doors, architraves, skirtings)

• brickwork
• wall cladding
• eave lining
• roof cladding (excludes in roof space)
• windows, doors, etc.

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Completion Stage – the house is ready for occupation and BSS inspect:

• wall and ceiling finishes
• fixings
• painting
• floor coverings
• tiling to floors and walls
• cupboard joinery and similar finish items

• painting and rendering
• roofing and roof drainage
• paving
• fencing
• site and building cleanliness
• garden taps, etc.

Reinspection of:
• defects itemised in the previous inspections
• any previously incomplete works

Inspections and Reporting by Others

Of course, BSS reporting at Preplaster, Prepaint and Completion Stages is not the only inspection and documenting process used by Porter Davis in the delivery of their houses:

• The mandatory inspections by the relevant Building Surveyor occur as a matter of course (Foundations, Pre pour (concrete slab), Frame, and for Occupancy Permit etc.)

• Licensed trades (eg plumbers and electrical contractors) are required to certify that their work complies with relevant standards

• Periodic inspections by Porter Davis Supervisors occur during the whole construction process.