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Building Problems

BSS Group offers a range of advisory services relating to a broad cross section of building problems including dampness, cracking, drainage and much more. Seeking independent expert advice at the earliest stage will help minimise additional costs going forward.

Attention to Detail

Our building consultants and engineers know exactly what to look for as they conduct thorough inspections of your property. We will identify the underlying cause, provide advice on the most effective and affordable means of rectifying the problem and detail the likely associated costs.

Additionally, if an issue presents within the 10-year period immediately following construction, we can provide advice on whether a claim could be made against the original builder, and how to go about making such a claim.

What we provide

Depending on your distinct needs and circumstances, our highly experienced team provides:

  • Free telephone advice on the steps that should be taken to resolve your problems
  • A low-cost initial consultation service at our Essendon office
  • Site inspections and reporting
  • Direct referrals to trusted builders or other contractors who can undertake the recommended works.

If you require advice relating to a problem with the construction of your property, call BSS Group to find out how we can assist.

    Need a problem resolved?

    Throughout any construction, owners, builders and developers can experience significant problems relating to the standard of work, and time or cost overruns. Independent and impartial advice from BSS Group can provide vital support in helping to achieve the best possible outcomes for all parties.


    For All Building Problems, Contact BSS Group Today

    For All Building Problems, Contact BSS Group Today