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Tired of unresolved leaking issues in your building? In need of effective solutions to maintenance? BSS can help.

Building & Maintenance Assistance

Our Owners Corporation clients consistently tell us how tired they are of the band-aid solutions applied to their ongoing building problems. Leaking balconies and roofs are common major concerns we hear about in this area. The process of rectification is often ineffective, costly and highly frustrating. Some clients have told us that they have been dealing with the same problems for years!

At BSS, we specialise in diagnosing the cause of building problems. We work out the most effective rectification method, saving you time, energy and money.

BSS can assist with all your building and maintenance requirements:

  • Leaking problems, including; balconies, roofs and windows
  • Other dampness issues, including rising dampness or mould
  • Structural issues, such as building movement and cracking
  • Disputes and claims

Why choose BSS?

We provide end-to-end support to help Owners’ Corporations address many types of building repair and maintenance issues. Our building consultants and engineers are:

  • Highly trained and equipped with the most advanced technology available to uncover the source of any issue.
  • Able to provide invaluable advice and cost-saving solutions to tackle any building problem you may have.
  • Experts in helping clients and contractors to resolve conflicts swiftly, efficiently, and economically while ensuring that all parties are content with the results.

We can work with you on a single issue, or manage every aspect of your building and maintenance requirements. From identifying the problem, providing recommendations, managing trades, and assisting with disputes, our team is here to help.

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Building Maintenance Experts

Working together to get the best outcomes for your building and its occupants.

At BSS, we are dedicated to taking the time to listen carefully. Once we understand your situation, our team will create a plan that is tailored specifically to your needs.

We work closely with you at all stages to ensure our project meets your expectations.

  • Regular communication and liaison: We’ll make sure that we have regular site meetings, and keep you updated through the process.
  • Inspections at each stage of work: We believe in quality and will inspect when we begin, throughout the work and when we are finished to ensure our high quality benchmark is met.
  • Reports that are easy to read: Even though there are complexities with building issues, we keep our reports easy to understand. Each report gives clarity, a clear picture of everything you need to know, with actionable steps.
  • Transparent communication: Our team will keep you informed and excel at professional, courteous and clear communication, ensuring you can make informed decisions and feel in control of your project.

A Breath of Fresh Air

“I can’t thank you enough for your services over the last 12 months. You have provided us with support and advice and have helped us through some extremely difficult times. Your calm, pleasant, systematic approach was a breath of fresh air after dealing with a sea of false promises and exhaustive excuses.”

Our commitment to you.

We understand the effort that goes into sustaining a building – maintenance and repairs are just one part of the bigger picture. We are committed to taking care of maintenance and repairs as efficiently and painlessly as it can be.

Most of all, our team are friendly and dedicated professionals. We aim for the best results for you, every time. Working with us means you can rely on excellent building outcomes for any project you engage us to complete.

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