Dilapidation Report Melbourne

dilapidation report melbourneHow to protect your property or project

‘Dilapidation report Melbourne’ should be the only search you need to protect yourself from third party damage claims before and after you initiate your building project.

It’s unfortunate, but in an increasingly litigious Australia, the mere sight of your builder’s sign on a site can provoke unwarranted and even fraudulent claims for damages.   BSS’s independent, expert, fully insured inspectors provide reports covering large and medium scale residential, commercial, and industrial projects to builders whose developments may be seen to affect adjoining sites and assets.

Expert Advice

The reports carefully and accurately document the current condition of neighbouring buildings as well as public and private infrastructure and assets. They give you court-worthy evidence in the event of future damages claims being made against you during or on completion of your project.



Neighbourly relations

Dilapidation reports also bolster risk management and neighbourhood relations. By employing our courteous and thorough inspectors, you reassure adjacent asset owners that you, as a builder, take your social, physical and professional reputation seriously.

The reports are both broad-ranging and detailed and include photo location details and comprehensive commentary on the extent and severity of defects.

If you’re concerned about potential claims and would like peace of mind from some of the most experienced building consultants before and after you commence building, call us on (03) 9377 3000 for a dilapidation report in Greater Melbourne.

We also offer a range of other services such as advice regarding building problems, building disputes advice and new home inspection reports and advice.

Dilapidation Report Melbourne