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New Home Inspections Melbourne

BSS Group are independent building consultants that provide new home inspections in and around Melbourne.

Our team of experts provide an unmatched service across the full spectrum of building quality matters.

This places us in the strongest position to offer independent, trusted advice to owners, developers and builders at every stage in the construction process.

Independent Inspection Reports For New Melbourne Homes

Our home inspection and reporting services are offered by the most proficient building consultants within our profession.

We’ll pay close attention to detail as we methodically inspect your property. Following this we’ll provide a detailed report listing defects that we have identified, alongside advice on how to best address them.

Build Quality

A BSS Group report offers peace of mind throughout the building process and beyond. It will ensure your project complies with all the relevant standards. It is designed to support the effective resolution of any future concerns or disputes.

Reporting on full inspections or single issues, our team can provide independent, authoritative advice on:

  • Building defects and quality
  • Relevant building codes and Australian Standards
  • Building cost escalation
  • The necessary actions to rectify the situation

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New Home Building Inspector

Looking to inspect your new home?

Construction projects unfortunately have the potential to experience significant problems relating to the standard of work. Time and cost overruns are not uncommon.

When issues arise, our independent and unbiased advice will help achieve the best outcomes for all parties. We take an impartial approach as we conduct new house defect inspections in new buildings at various stages throughout the construction process.

New Home Building Inspector

New Home Owners

Our qualified and experienced building consultants know everything there is to know about home building inspections and quality assessments.

Unfortunately, there is a lot that can go wrong during the construction process, leading to a gap between owner expectations and their builder’s delivery.

New home owners concerned about the quality of construction should therefore consider a new home inspection. It will help keep their builder honest, and provide reassurance that they are delivering a quality building.

new home inspections melbourne
new home building inspector

Building House Inspections

Australian Standards

We are familiar with all relevant Australian Standards and the building codes of Australia and Victoria for home construction. This will help to ensure you won’t run into problems with your new home in the future.

New House Building Inspection

We work with owners throughout the build.

Sometimes, problems that arise between owner and builder can be attributed to poor communication. In these instances, our mediation skills are vital as we work with owners and builders to reach a satisfactory resolution.

We can work with owners prior to contract signing and at any stage throughout construction, we recommend the following checks:

  • Contract check: review of the building contract before the owner signs
  • Pre-plaster stage: involving a check of frame straightness before it is covered over
  • Pre-paint stage: when everything is completed aside from painting, tiling, joinery and finishes
  • Final inspection: when everything is completed and the keys are ready to be handed over

We recommend the following inspections in order to ensure a quality build is achieved:

  1. Slab: checks concrete slab quality at Base Stage when the slab is complete and before the wall frames are constructed
  2. Pre-plaster: checks frame quality after Frame Stage when the wall frame straightening is completed and before plaster lining and insulation are installed
  3. Pre-paint: checks the progress of building quality after fix carpentry and wall cladding is completed and before painting and tiling commences
  4. Final: checks completed building quality when the home is finished and ready to hand over

Remember – solicitors lack the technical knowledge required to fully understand a new home inspection report. Calling in a building expert is therefore advisable for any owner who wants to protect themselves from any false claims made against them.

A Breath of Fresh Air

“I can’t thank you enough for your services over the last 12 months. You have provided us with support and advice and have helped us through some extremely difficult times. Your calm, pleasant, systematic approach was a breath of fresh air after dealing with a sea of false promises and exhaustive excuses.”

Stages of any New Home Inspection

New build inspection stages align with the different stages outlined in the building contract. Each stage provides the opportunity for issues to be identified and resolved, before it’s too late.

Hidden First FIeld

Stage 1 - Frame inspection

This inspection is undertaken once the wall and roof frames have been constructed and the builder has made a claim for Frame stage payment. The frame will need to be approved by a building surveyor, who will be nominated or agreed to by you. BSS should inspect following their inspection so that any issues raised by them, such as a direction to fix work, can be checked by BSS for proper completion.

It’s important to arrange a thorough, independent inspection by an external expert to assess the overall quality of the frame, including the quality of the workmanship.

Stage 2 - Pre-plaster inspection

This inspection is conducted before the plaster lining process for walls and ceilings begins. This inspection checks that the frame has been straightened, so that the plaster will be straight and plumb when it is hung.

Any modifications or rectifications required to the frame since the initial frame inspection can also be assessed at this stage.

Stage 3 - Lock up inspection

A Lock up inspection should be undertaken prior to the Stage payment and following:

  • Doors and windows have been installed
  • Roofs and gutters have been completed
  • External cladding and brickwork is in place
  • The home has been fully secured.

We’ll consider the quality of finish across all aspects of completed work, and identify any defects that require rectification.

Stage 4 - Waterproofing inspection

Wet areas including bathrooms, laundries, WC’s and balcony decks require waterproofing membranes to be installed to prevent water penetration and leaking. It is important to check and make sure that the work has been completed adequately and that the membranes are not damaged prior to floor and wall tiling covering the surfaces.

This is particularly important when you consider the potential for costly damage caused by leaking showers and wet areas that have not been properly built or perhaps damaged during construction. Leaking wet areas can also cause serious problems with mould outbreaks in homes that can be very harmful to the building and the occupants health. Mould can develop inside wall or ceiling cavities where leaking is occurring that is not always visible to the naked eye. Unfortunately serious damage can occur long before the problem is visible.

Stage 5 - Pre-paint inspection

Once a house has been plastered, and all skirting, doors and architraves have been installed, it’s time for a pre-paint inspection. This will ensure problems are rectified prior to painting and therefore attended to at the most appropriate time. If the exterior walls are brick the brick cleaning process should be complete, so that the quality of brickwork including mortar can be fully checked.

Stage 6 - Fixing Stage

This inspection is undertaken at the time of the Fixing stage payment claim by the builder. At this stage all the homes fixtures and fittings should be installed including baths, basins and toilets. This inspection checks the quality of fixtures and fitting and makes sure the job is adequately progressed for the stage payment. It is also a check that previously reported defects have all been properly rectified.   

Stage 7 - Final Stage

A final inspection should be undertaken before the Final payment is made and just prior to handover. This provides an opportunity to check your completed home has been built properly and that overall quality has been achieved.

At this stage it’s about assessing the overall quality of construction, checking previously reported defects have been adequately rectified, and identifying any new defects the builder may have overlooked.

Why Do You Need An Expert New Home Building Inspector?

As you excitedly await the day when you can move into your new home, you have finally reached the major milestone of appointing your builder. But what next? What steps can you take to make sure all aspects of the construction are up to scratch?

For added peace-of-mind throughout the construction process and beyond, we would suggest engaging an independent expert to inspect the build at every key point is a pretty essential thing! The benefits associated with such regular checks should not be underestimated …

It’s a sad reality that construction projects vary greatly in terms of quality. While we don’t dispute the majority of builders are trustworthy and more often than not do a great job, many things can go wrong during the complex process of building a new home.

If you’re a layperson without first-hand knowledge of the construction industry and its processes, how could you possibly be expected to know the difference between a quality build and a substandard one? Specific technical expertise is required!


Protection from problems, now and in the future!

Having an independent inspector in your corner will ensure substandard work is spotted, and your builder is made aware. It’s the best way to guarantee you are adequately protected against liability for defects or other issues that may result, immediately and down the track.

A new build inspection means aspects of the build with the potential to cause problems later on can be resolved now and won’t end up coming back to haunt you in the future once they’ve had the chance to escalate.

Defects caused during the build that end up causing problems later on cannot easily be attributable to the builder once a significant length of time has passed.

Therefore, it’s in the best interests of the owner that these are picked up and acted upon during the actual build process. And of course, it’s a whole lot less stressful when issues are identified and rectified before you move into your new home!

So, what kinds of actual or potential issues will be identified and dealt with as a result of a comprehensive independent new house inspection?

Structural defects

Your expert new home building inspector will be deployed onsite at a number of crucial points throughout the project to assess the quality of the building work.

For example, once the wall and roof frames have been constructed, it’s wise to assess the overall quality of the frame prior to plaster being applied. Equally, a further inspection is recommended after the house has been plastered, once all skirting, doors and architraves have been installed, and before paint is applied.

new build inspections

Substandard work

Inspection of the structural work completed should uncover any safety hazards, as well as issues with brickwork, cladding, carpentry, paint, plaster, plumbing, sealants, waterproofing, insulation, roofing, guttering, downpipes, drainage, door and window installation, and energy efficiency, to name just a few!

This will help avoid countless issues from occurring, including:

  • bowed slabs
  • sloppy brickwork
  • leaning walls
  • scratched or chipped windows
  • jamming doors
  • broken or cracked roof tiles
  • leaks (and potential future leaks!)
  • and much, much more …

After identifying any defects, your independent inspector will make appropriate recommendations to your builder around the steps needed to rectify them.

Non-compliance with building standards

Your independent inspector will remain on the lookout for any failure to comply with the relevant Australian standards, regulations and building codes.

new build inspections

Offering confidence at handover

A New Home Handover Inspection – also known as a Practical Completion, Pre-handover or Final Home Inspection –should be conducted at the conclusion of the process, once your builder has notified you that they have completed all work.

At this stage, assessment of the overall quality of construction will take place, and your inspector will check that any issues identified at each previous inspection stage have been properly addressed, while also identifying any new issues that have presented since the previous inspection.

Empower yourself!

Being able to rely on expert guidance will empower you to hold your builder accountable for any issues that arise as a result of their work. Because your inspector remains committed to reaching the fairest outcome for all parties in the case of any dispute, their involvement in your build will help fairly support the most effective resolution to any concerns.

Remember, your building contract is legally binding …

An independent inspection report is therefore essential because it offers evidence of breach of contract if the builder requests payment before defects have been resolved in a satisfactory manner. Inspection findings can empower an owner who chooses to withhold final payment in light of substandard work, by arming them with information that could be enough to convince a builder to resolve the issue.

This approach will also help ensure disputes between owner and builder do not escalate beyond repair … obviously, this is not a great situation for either party to find themselves in!

Keep everything moving at a satisfactory pace

A new home building inspection has the added advantage of ensuring your builder remains on-track, with regular checks at various points helping to avoid time and cost overruns, with issues resolved quickly and effectively.

new build inspections

Supporting effective communication

Being able to turn to an expert in the trade will help overcome things like poor communication on the builder’s side. Your inspector should be able to utilise their own skills and experience alongside inspection results, to oversee the process of mediation between owner and builder, facilitating a satisfactory outcome for all parties that does not require legal action … a last resort in any dispute!

However, IF a dispute happens to escalate to the point of legal action, an independent inspection conducted at the time of construction and resultant building inspection reports will provide a record of any current defects or potential future problems. This will strengthen the owner’s case and help significantly reduce the time taken to reach a resolution.

Essentially, having a new home inspection is the key to offering a minimum standard of quality assurance and protection for both home owners and builders. To find out more about the most reliable new home inspections Melbourne has to offer, contact BSS Group for a chat!

Common Issues

Without expert input, there is a risk of experiencing major defects in the future. These may not be easily attributed to the builder once some time has passed. This means the property owner could be liable to cover the cost of any repairs.

It takes an impartial and experienced set of eyes to walk into a property and spot existing and the likely future problems that could emerge. It is therefore vital that an expert third party is on-hand to keep an eye out for problems like bowed slabs and floors, shoddy brickwork and leaning walls.

new build inspections

A trusted set of hands … your expert new home building inspector

By applying its unique blend of knowledge and experience, the award winning BSS Group has built a reputation since 1975 as one of the most trusted building consultants in the business.

Our 20-strong team comprises professionals with diverse backgrounds spanning architecture, building construction and engineering.

Our clients know they can count on us to help resolve issues relating to existing properties and those under construction. The team is known for its professionalism and commitment to reaching the fairest outcome for all parties.

new house building inspection

Not just for owners!

BSS Group also works with builders who take their responsibilities and their craft seriously.

Are you a builder who prides yourself on excellence in all you do? Organising independent checks throughout the construction process will ensure acceptable standards from every member of your team, and a quality finish.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hidden First FIeld

Who should consider a new build house inspection?

A new home inspection is strongly recommended as an effective safeguard to anybody building or developing a property without enlisting the services of an architect to oversee the quality and compliance of construction.

It is becoming increasingly common for new home owners to engage their own independent consultants to perform quality checks during the construction process and at completion.

Having regular, independent checks in place will ensure the entire construction team is accountable for the quality of its work, from management, to supervisors, to tradespeople. A BSS Group inspection will keep you on track to deliver a finished property that meets all benchmarks for a quality build.

And because builders remain liable for a property during its first ten years, it’s important they are also confident that nothing will go wrong later on. This increases the need for a builder to seek their own independent advice.

Fundamentally, if both owner and builder have our sound and reliable information to fall back on, the state of the property and quality of build is well documented. This places everybody involved in a strong position to seek the best outcome, should problems arise and importantly assist in delivering a successful and quality project.

What do you look for during a new house building inspection?

In the course of a property inspection we’re looking for building compliance and an acceptable level of quality across all aspects of the build. More specifically, this includes:

  • Structural defects
  • Compliance with regulations
  • Standard of brickwork, carpentry, paint and plaster
  • Thermal insulation
  • Leaning walls
  • Drainage problems
  • Slab quality
  • Leaking roofs or walls
  • Dampness
  • Assessment of builder’s liability / warranty claims

Why should I engage BSS Group for my new build house inspection?

There are many reasons! First up, our 45 years in the business and 20-strong team of leading experts speak for themselves. The team has a variety of skill sets and areas of expertise, which enable us to resolve any issue relating to the construction of a new property.

Our award-winning services have evolved to meet all the demands of the modern construction process. If you ask our clients, they’ll tell you we’re consummate professionals, always level-headed, and are committed to reaching the fairest outcomes for all involved.

Where should I start?

Once you’ve found a builder you’re comfortable with, you’ll need to arrange to have drawings and a building contract prepared. Our advice is to have the contract checked by our team. From here, once construction has started we’ll remain on-hand throughout the process to conduct all necessary inspections.

When should I have my independent inspections conducted?

We recommend at least a minimum of three BSS QA inspections including Preplaster, Prepaint and Final stages.  If you are concerned or prefer to be more diligent in your approach, you can of course have an inspection undertaken at any stage.

The mandatory inspections by the Building Surveyor are different to the QA inspection that BSS undertake. We look at the quality of the work and the Building Surveyor generally pays less or no attention to this as they are checking structural and specific compliance matters. Independent QA inspections by BSS ensure overall building quality is achieved and that particular matters of concern are being handled correctly by the builder.

Does the builder need to fix the defects that have been identified in your report before the house is handed over?

The builder can only claim the final payment if the building works have been completed and, if applicable, a Certificate of Occupancy or Final Inspection has been issued. When defects are present, the house is not completed and therefore the builder is in breach of contract if they try to hand over the house by asking for the final payment. It is the building contract that is legally binding and our report can provide the evidence for any breach of contract.

What if the builder promises to fix all the defects after the final payment has been made. Should I make the final payment?

If you make the final payment in this case, you will lose the leverage that you had in pressuring the builder to have things fixed expeditiously.

There is normally a three month maintenance period that comes into effect after you take possession of your house, but this is for rectifying items noticed AFTER you have moved in – not before!

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Contact BSS Group Today For A Quality New Home Inspection Report That You Can Trust