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New Home Inspections

BSS Group offers trusted, independent inspection and reporting services, alongside practical, fair and reasonable advice. Our expert building consultants possess extensive experience across the broad cross section of building quality matters.

New Home Inspections Melbourne

With meticulous attention to detail, our people conduct thorough independent building inspections. This includes the listing of any defects, the results of which can lead to improved quality in construction, and overall project success.

Build Quality

With a BSS Group report, what you are really buying is reassurance and peace of mind. A BSS Group report ensures the project adheres to proper standards, and will support the effective resolution of any concerns that may arise.

Reporting on full inspections or single issues, our team can provide independent, authoritative advice on:

  • Building quality and defects
  • Relevant building codes and Australian Standards
  • Building cost escalation
  • The necessary actions to rectify the situation

Looking to inspect your new home?

Throughout any build, significant problems relating to the standard of building work, and time or cost overruns can occur. Independent and impartial advice from BSS Group can provide vital support in helping to achieve the best possible outcomes for all parties.

New Home Owners

New home owners concerned about the quality of their builder’s work should look no further than BSS Group. Our qualified and experienced building consultants know everything there is to know about home inspections and quality assessments.


Australian Standards

We are familiar with required Australian Standards and building codes for home construction in Victoria, and will take an impartial approach to inspecting your build at every stage. Our mission is to keep your builder honest and to provide reassurance that you are getting what you are paying for, and that you will not run into problems with your new home in the future.

We work with owners throughout the build.

We understand that gaps may arise between your expectations and the builder’s delivery. Sometimes the issue can merely be poor communication or misunderstanding. In these instances, our mediation skills can prove invaluable when working with your builder to reach a satisfactory resolution. We can work with owners at every stage or at specific points throughout the build, including:

  • Checking contracts, specifications and other documents before your sign.*
  • At the frame or pre-plaster stage, we inspect the frame for any critical defects before it is covered over.
  • At the fix or pre-paint stage, where everything is completed aside from painting, tiling, joinery and finishes.
  • A final inspection once everything is completed and the keys are ready to be handed over.

Remember, solicitors tend to lack the technical knowledge required to understand these documents, so calling in a building expert is advisable!

A Breath of Fresh Air

“I can’t thank you enough for your services over the last 12 months. You have provided us with support and advice and have helped us through some extremely difficult times. Your calm, pleasant, systematic approach was a breath of fresh air after dealing with a sea of false promises and exhaustive excuses.”

Common Issues

The unfortunate fact is that a lot can go wrong during any construction process, to varying degrees depending on the capabilities of your builder. It’s important that a third party is keeping an eye out for the likes of bowed slabs and floors, shoddy or cracking brickwork, leaning walls, drainage problems, foundation movement, slab heave, leaking roofs, and leaking balconies and dampness. Of course, this is not most people’s area of expertise, which is why it pays to get an impartial specialist involved.

Once construction has commenced, BSS Group will remain on-hand to conduct all necessary inspections throughout the build. Without this sort of input, you could be risking major defects down the track, which may not be easily attributed to your builder once a certain amount of time has passed. The result? You’ll be the one to foot the bill for any necessary repairs!

Common Issues
BSS Group

A trusted set of hands

BSS Group is proudly 45 years young, comprising a team of 20 professionals with expertise spanning architecture, building consultancy and engineering. It is this unique blend of knowledge and experience that has allowed us to become one of the most trusted names in the business.

Our clients know they can count on us to help them resolve any issue relating to existing or under-construction properties. We offer a suite of reliable, respected and award-winning services, which have evolved and been perfected over time. Our clients value our professionalism and our commitment to reaching the fairest outcomes for all parties.

Where should I start?

Once you’ve found a builder you are comfortable with and who gives you a realistic preliminary price, you’ll sign a contract (which we suggest having checked by the experts at BSS Group!)

From here, your builder will develop more detailed drawings that will dictate the final price.

Once construction has commenced, we’ll remain on-hand to conduct all necessary inspections throughout the build.

Stages of any New Home Inspection

Inspection stages can align with the stages stipulated in your building contract and in relation to the building work as it progresses. Each stage provides the opportunity for issues to be identified and resolved, before it’s too late.

Stage 1 - Frame inspection

This is all about ensuring the level of workmanship and overall quality of the frame is acceptable. It happens once the wall and roof frames have been constructed and approved by a building surveyor, appointed by your builder.

A building surveyor can take as little as 10 to 20 minutes to complete this type of inspection, which can lead to defects in workmanship being missed … not good news for something as vital to your property’s structure as its frame!

You can negate the problems often associated with a standard frame inspection from a building surveyor with a thorough, independent inspection conducted by BSS Group.

Stage 2 - Pre-plaster inspection

This inspection is conducted before the plastering of your property’s walls and ceilings commences. By this stage the internal frame straightening process has been completed and all external doors have been hung.

Any modifications to the frame since the initial frame inspection will also be inspected at this stage, as the frame may have been impacted by these works. This inspection checks that the frame is ready and in a good condition for plaster installation.

Stage 3 - Lock up inspection

Once all doors and windows have been installed, the roofs and gutters have been completed, external cladding and brickwork is all in place, and the home has been fully secured, a lock up inspection will take place.

We’ll look at the quality of the workmanship across all aspects of completed work and identify any defects that require rectification by the builder.

Stage 4 - Fix inspection

After the waterproofing of wet areas within your home has been completed, a fix inspection can take place. We’ll be looking to confirm your property has been adequately waterproofed and all other areas have progressed correctly.

This is particularly important, given the potential costly damage that can be caused by leaking showers, and wet areas that have not been correctly built.

Stage 5 - Pre-paint inspection

Once a house has been plastered, all skirting, doors and architraves have been installed. A pre-paint inspection ensures any problems requiring rectification prior to painting and other finishing trades can be attended to at the right time.

Stage 6 - Final inspection

A final inspection happens just prior to handover when you receive your keys. At this stage it’s about assessing the overall quality of construction, previously reported defects have been rectified and identifying any new defects the builder may have overlooked.

It’s an opportunity to ensure your property has been built correctly and that overall quality has been achieved.

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