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Why Do You Need An Expert New Home Building Inspector?

As you excitedly await the day when you can move into your new home, you have finally reached the major milestone of appointing your builder. But what next? What steps can you take to make sure all aspects of the construction are up to scratch?

For added peace-of-mind throughout the construction process and beyond, we would suggest engaging an independent expert to inspect the build at every key point is a pretty essential thing! The benefits associated with such regular checks should not be underestimated …

It’s a sad reality that construction projects vary greatly in terms of quality. While we don’t dispute the majority of builders are trustworthy and more often than not do a great job, many things can go wrong during the complex process of building a new home.

If you’re a layperson without first-hand knowledge of the construction industry and its processes, how could you possibly be expected to know the difference between a quality build and a substandard one? Specific technical expertise is required!


Protection from problems, now and in the future!

Having an independent inspector in your corner will ensure substandard work is spotted, and your builder is made aware. It’s the best way to guarantee you are adequately protected against liability for defects or other issues that may result, immediately and down the track.

A new build inspection means aspects of the build with the potential to cause problems later on can be resolved now and won’t end up coming back to haunt you in the future once they’ve had the chance to escalate.

Defects caused during the build that end up causing problems later on cannot easily be attributable to the builder once a significant length of time has passed.

Therefore, it’s in the best interests of the owner that these are picked up and acted upon during the actual build process. And of course, it’s a whole lot less stressful when issues are identified and rectified before you move into your new home!

So, what kinds of actual or potential issues will be identified and dealt with as a result of a comprehensive independent new house inspection?

Structural defects

Your expert new home building inspector will be deployed onsite at a number of crucial points throughout the project to assess the quality of the building work.

For example, once the wall and roof frames have been constructed, it’s wise to assess the overall quality of the frame prior to plaster being applied. Equally, a further inspection is recommended after the house has been plastered, once all skirting, doors and architraves have been installed, and before paint is applied.

Substandard work

Inspection of the structural work completed should uncover any safety hazards, as well as issues with brickwork, cladding, carpentry, paint, plaster, plumbing, sealants, waterproofing, insulation, roofing, guttering, downpipes, drainage, door and window installation, and energy efficiency, to name just a few!

This will help avoid countless issues from occurring, including:

  • bowed slabs
  • sloppy brickwork
  • leaning walls
  • scratched or chipped windows
  • jamming doors
  • broken or cracked roof tiles
  • leaks (and potential future leaks!)
  • and much, much more …

After identifying any defects, your independent inspector will make appropriate recommendations to your builder around the steps needed to rectify them.

Non-compliance with building standards

Your independent inspector will remain on the lookout for any failure to comply with the relevant Australian standards, regulations and building codes.

Offering confidence at handover

A New Home Handover Inspection – also known as a Practical Completion, Pre-handover or Final Home Inspection – should be conducted at the conclusion of the process, once your builder has notified you that they have completed all work.

At this stage, assessment of the overall quality of construction will take place, and your inspector will check that any issues identified at each previous inspection stage have been properly addressed, while also identifying any new issues that have presented since the previous inspection.

Empower yourself!

Being able to rely on expert guidance will empower you to hold your builder accountable for any issues that arise as a result of their work. Because your inspector remains committed to reaching the fairest outcome for all parties in the case of any dispute, their involvement in your build will help fairly support the most effective resolution to any concerns.

Remember, your building contract is legally binding …

An independent inspection report is therefore essential because it offers evidence of breach of contract if the builder requests payment before defects have been resolved in a satisfactory manner. Inspection findings can empower an owner who chooses to withhold final payment in light of substandard work, by arming them with information that could be enough to convince a builder to resolve the issue.

This approach will also help ensure disputes between owner and builder do not escalate beyond repair … obviously, this is not a great situation for either party to find themselves in!

Keep everything moving at a satisfactory pace

A new home building inspection has the added advantage of ensuring your builder remains on-track, with regular checks at various points helping to avoid time and cost overruns, with issues resolved quickly and effectively.

Supporting effective communication

Being able to turn to an expert in the trade will help overcome things like poor communication on the builder’s side. Your inspector should be able to utilise their own skills and experience alongside inspection results, to oversee the process of mediation between owner and builder, facilitating a satisfactory outcome for all parties that does not require legal action … a last resort in any dispute!

However, IF a dispute happens to escalate to the point of legal action, an independent inspection conducted at the time of construction and resultant building inspection reports will provide a record of any current defects or potential future problems. This will strengthen the owner’s case and help significantly reduce the time taken to reach a resolution.

Essentially, having a new home inspection is the key to offering a minimum standard of quality assurance and protection for both home owners and builders. To find out more about the most reliable new home inspections Melbourne has to offer, contact BSS Group for a chat!

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